Creating a viable BIM
mandate for the AEC industry
in the Middle East

23 – 25 Nov 2020
Manager – Professional Services | Khatib & Alami

Rouba Zantout

Rouba Zantout has 18+ years’ experience working in the GIS and software field, including 14 years at Khatib & Alami. Since joining K&A as a senior business analyst, she has established an outstanding reputation as a project manager on large scale and deeply complex GIS assignments, mainly in Lebanon, Qatar, Egypt, UAE and Oman. She is also assigned as consultant to jointly develop with K&A clients a roadmap and strategic vision for GIS initiatives, aligned with clients’ values and objectives.

Currently based in the firm’s Oman office, Rouba recently led the delivery of a large-scale digital twin project which was named the winner in the reality modeling category of Bentley Systems’ Year in Infrastructure Awards. The project involved capturing 330,000 drone images for the modeling of 250 square km of land in Muscat, Oman within a tight timeframe. K&A’s solution utilized Bentley-ContextCapture and Esri’s ArcGIS to create a digital twin model of the whole area in 3D.

Rouba’s other highlights include being part of K&A’s achievement of the prestigious Carnegie Mellon/Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Capability Maturity Model Integration for Development (CMMI-DEV) level 3. The CMMI concept is based on the notion that the quality of a product is largely determined by the quality of the processes used to develop it and maintain it.

Rouba has two Master’s degrees: one in Information Technology Management from the University of Sunderland, UK; and another in Computer Science from Lebanese American University. She certified as a Business Analyst at George Washington University, US, and gained a BSc in Computer Science at Beirut Arab University. She worked as a computer science and GIS lecturer for four years in Lebanese American University of Beirut, Lebanon and Beirut Arab University, Lebanon.

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