Creating a viable BIM
mandate for the AEC industry
in the Middle East

23 – 25 Nov 2020
AR/VR Digital Specialist | EllisDon Middle East

Hisham Laila

Hisham Laila is an architect, creative innovator, and Augmented reality (AR)/Virtual reality (VR) expert. He started his career in Toronto, Canada as a Designer and worked with many prestigious brands, such as Jaguar, Landrover, BMW and Ford, in developing their brand image and dealership designs to achieve the best customer experience for their clients. His passion for VR & AR started when he bought his first commercial VR headset. His artistic and innovative tendencies prompted him to create his first VR experience of integrating the BIM model of a Ford Dealership to the Virtual World. The success of this experience has led him to even more AR/VR projects, including but not limited to Audi Brampton. CA, BMW Etobicoke. CA. Recently, he moved to the UAE to continue his career as AR/VR Digital Specialist, with the role of integrating the latest visualization technologies VR/AR with BIM & 3D models and creating impactful visual solutions for high-profile clients and decision makers. Currently, AR/VR enables designers to experience any design in 1:1 scale, thus providing a different perspective and allowing them to understand the impact of any design change in real-time, all even while under development. As AR/VR technology continues to advance, this empowering of designers will only become better. Hisham believes AR/VR will soon become the norm; businesses will be developing their products and improving their client outreach strategies using the AR/VR world instead of costly trial-and-error.

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