Creating a viable BIM
mandate for the AEC industry
in the Middle East

23 – 25 Nov 2020
Founder | Strategic Anchors

Dr. Fadi Bayoud

Dr. Fadi is an engineering and management professional with 20 years of experience. His work concentrates on advising companies and capital infrastructure projects on how to adapt to the 21st century complexity and how to overcome its disruptive nature by adopting modern processes and technologies. Throughout his career, he assumed roles in academia, R&D, product management, marketing and business development, and project management at end-user; thus making him aware of the entire life cycle of AEC solutions.

On AEC projects he has achieved saving of up to 50% through adopting technologies to better streamline operations. On one mega project, his successful change management initiatives of technologies & lean processes saved over 12 months of manual work, increased the efficiency of engineers by over 60%, and improved information reliability by over 70%.

For the last three years, he has been developing advisory solutions for strategic management in AEC, where he has advised several CEO’s on how to strategically transform, navigate disruption, and succeed in the future through i) adopting fit-for-purpose technologies and ii) changing the mindsets on how strategic change should be done and by whom.

Fadi’s areas of expertise are: Capital Infrastructure Engineering and Construction; Smart Cities & Smart Mobility; Business Management.

Fadi has an MBA at Strathclyde Business School (Glasgow, UK)) with specialisation in Strategic Management in AEC industry. He as holds two master’s degrees from Greece and Canada and a PhD from Switzerland in engineering, an Executive Development at INSEAD, and Construction Management at Columbia University.

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